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Spam EradicatorTM. The answer.

For a low yearly fee of $19.95*, you can join thousands of satisfied customers, and enjoy guaranteed 100% protection against spam, trojan horses, viruses, scams, and other types of offending content - along with the unprecedented reliability and simplicity of our all-in-one solution!

Save time, protect yourself and your family with eProvisia Spam EradicatorTM personalized mail screening and preselection service! Here is how it works:

As soon as you subscribe to our programme, you will be provided with a unique, personal e-mail address on our server. We will also send you a package of detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to redirect your existing mail accounts to this new address.

The minute your mail starts flowing, a dedicated team of over a hundred trained Screening and Preselection Specialists, working 24 hours a day**, will begin manually reviewing, hand-picking and approving important correspondence, vigilantly discarding all junk mail.

New: With eProvisia Spam EradicatorTM Premium ServiceTM ($49.95*), you can work with our Specialists to personalize your filtering profile and instruct them to discard various types of solicited correspondence you would rather not be bothered with. With our special Executive PackageTM ($199.95*) option, you can free your mind. Our Senior Analysts will respond to your e-mails on your behalf. Just sit back and relax.

* - $24.95 surcharge applies. ** - Timezone differences may apply.

Signing up is easy as 1-2-3. Simply fill out the following questionnaire:

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Our Customer Care Consultant will get back to you within 24 hours to provide you a detailed price quote and to discuss payment method details.

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