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Press Coverage

Our unique and unrivaled Spam Eradicator TM offering continues to generate media buzz, attract worldwide attention, and make our unworthy competitors hang their unkempt heads in shame. Our hards efforts are being noticed, reported on, and validated by numerous reputable computer news outlets all over the globe. Below is a selection of various recent press mentions and in-depth features about eProvisia LLC and the exciting services we offer to our customers.

Yahoo! / ZDNet (UK)
[2004/09/20] Searching for spam - one message at a time (Yahoo! copy)
Contains opinions of analysts from F-Secure and Sophos.
Currently off-line - copy here.

Ars Technica
[2004/09/20] Spam Filtering with a Human Touch
Article author: Eric Bangeman

[2004/09/20] Human-Powered Spam Filtering
Article author: Jeff Bates

[2004/09/20] Pay Human Beings to Clear Your Spam
Article author: Phantasm66

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