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Press Coverage

Our unique and unrivaled Spam Eradicator TM offering generates media buzz, attracts attention, and - most certainly - makes our competitors feel very uneasy. Our hard effort is being noticed, recognized, reported, and its merits acknowledged, in numerous reputable computer news outlets across the globe. Below is a selection of various recent press mentions and dedicated articles about eProvisia LLC and the exciting services we offer to our customers.

Yahoo! / ZDNet (UK)
[2004/09/20] Searching for spam - one message at a time (Yahoo! copy)
Contains opinions of analysts from F-Secure and Sophos.
Currently off-line - copy here.

Ars Technica
[2004/09/20] Spam Filtering with a Human Touch
Article author: Eric Bangeman

[2004/09/20] Human-Powered Spam Filtering
Article author: Jeff Bates

[2004/09/20] Pay Human Beings to Clear Your Spam
Article author: Phantasm66

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