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About our company

Conveniently located in the heart of Palmyra Atoll, eProvisia LLC is the leading provider of reliable, robust, powerful and cost-efficient spam filtering solutions for world-class corporations and individual users.

Privately funded in 1993, now with customers in 40 countries* and over $67 million** in cash reserves, the company experienced a phenomenal growth and continues to aggressively pursue new frontiers in order to meet or exceed the needs of most demanding customers by providing a scalable, seamless, comprehensive offering.

Leveraging our paradigm-shifting product line with state of the art technology developed by a dedicated team of professionals, we offer a significant competitive advantage on the diversified but fragmented market of best of breed anti-spam solutions.
* - Not all currently recognized by UN. ** - Palmyra Atoll dollars.

Contact us at eprovisia@dione.cc regarding all business and press inquiries, and for job offerings.

    eProvisia LLC
    Shandokhenplaze 39
    Islet 7, 5 52 N 162 06 W
    Palmyra Atoll (Uninhabited Sovereign Territory)
    (+78 327) 47 01 99

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